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Introducing ...               Hollybrook Viva La Bam
(Hollybrook Wham Bam x Bellerina)

Bam was leased for the 2015 season from Lee and Deb Kubbernus of Silver Valley Morgans, Clyde, Alberta.  We will be expecting 5 foals from this lovely stallion in 2016.  They will be available for purchase.
LV Notice Me
(JMF Future Vision x LV Touch Of Class)
LV Bracelet
(JMF Future Vision x LV Limited Edition)
LV Glory-B-My Name
(SVK Trophy Forever x LV Dare To Hope)
LV Dare To Hope
(JMF Future Vision x Gleanlea Sugar Bell)
LV Keep The Faith
(JMF Future Vision x Glenlea Sugar Bell)